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Fish Tank Setups

Setting you up for success to create and maintain a thriving underwater world, one fish tank at a time!

An Assorted Pick


What Types of Fish Can Live with Cichlids?

A very common choice for aquariums, Cichlids of all varieties can make a tank pop with their naturally vibrant colors and a large variety of…
Betta Fish Care

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

If you are populating your first home aquarium, you will be looking for interesting fish to include. While guppies and goldfish are popular options for…
Betta Fish Care

Can a Male and Female Betta Fish Live Together?

If you have ever considered owning a Betta fish, you are probably aware that they are marketed as solitary fish. Bettas, also known as Siamese…
Can Cichlids Survive Outdoors?
Betta Fish Care
Why is My Betta Fish Not Eating?
Betta Fish Care
Why Are Betta Fish Bowls Cruel?
Betta Fish Care
What Types of Fish Can Live with Bettas
Betta Fish Care
How Long Can Betta Fish Live Without Food?
Betta Fish Care
Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food?