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Fish are the perfect pets for kids.

They are affordable for parents who don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t require a lot of patience and vet bills as some kittens or puppies do. Really, they are ideal for young children who want to own a pet of their own, and who want to slowly learn responsibility.

Children can discover the importance of regular feedings, and how to keep a tank clean. They can even express themselves by decorating a fish tank with their favorite color or theme, like pirates or princesses. It even encourages a fascination with wildlife, science, and the way the world works. Beyond that, fish tanks have been known to reduce stress and help in keeping kids anxiety-free.

There are not a lot of reasons not to get a fish tank for your kid. The only big question is which one fits best for your situation. Check out the recommendations below for 9 great fish tanks that kids will be able to enjoy.

1. Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit 1/2 Gallon

This cute 1/2 gallon fish tank comes in both pink and black castle shapes, so your kid can pick their favorite style. Made of acrylic, meaning that your view of the fish in terms of color and size is accurate. Its castle-shaped lid also features a feeding hole which makes mealtime easy and fun for kids.

The gravel is also included, which you can add to your child’s choice of tank décor such as artificial plants. A favorite decoration for these styles of tanks is medieval themed, such as dragons or sunken ships.

This fish tank is ideal for very small fish, such as minnows, or a few small tropical fish who won’t mind the small amount of space. You might even consider snails or shrimp, or any other animal that can live in spaces without a filter or heater.

Measuring 8.25 x 4.75 x 8.5 inches, and weighing about 1.5 lbs, this tank is ideal for allowing your kids to help you carry and clean it.

It’s also very affordable, priced at around $19.99 or less, depending on which version you want.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.


2. Top Fin Dazzle Aquarium Starter Kit – 3 Gallon

If neon lights are your thing, this 3-gallon tank is the perfect starter kit. It comes with 7 color changes from its LED lights controlled by the click of a button.

It also comes with “Top Fin Hydrochange Technology”, which is built into the filter. This little feature makes changing water easy for you and your kids. It also features a little door in the lid that kids will love to help with feedings through.

For a 3-gallon tank like this one, there are a few more options for which fish you can put in. This includes bettas, guppies, tetras, zebra danios, and pygmy gourami.

Though this tank requires more of an adult hand when it comes to lifting and cleaning, your kids will be happy with the array of fish they can help take care of. It’s also pretty affordable for a 3-gallon tank, priced at around $30.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

3. GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light

This GloFish aquarium kit features energy-efficient blue LED lighting that is sure to make a room more serene.

It also comes in three different sizes, meaning you can put the 1.5-gallon version in your child’s room, or keep the bigger ones in a more protected area like your kitchen or living room.

It’s extremely easy to set up and maintain, so you have less work to do for your kids. It features mechanical filtration, meaning the water is pushed through a filtration system, and chemical filtration, meaning your tank will continue to smell clean.

You can also install a black background that’s included so that any neon décor or glow-in-the-dark rocks you add pops out even more.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.


4. Penn Plax Rite-Bite Educational Tank

The Rite-Bite Fish Tank is perfect for teaching young children how to feed and take care of their pet fish.

It’s great because your children can set up a week’s worth of the right amount of food for your kid’s fish and help them as they see if they’ve fed their fish for that day or not. With seven compartments for each day of the week on the top, it’s easy for kids to see whether or not they’ve completed the task of feeding each day.

Along with a customizable background, this fish tank comes with a 2-color LED lighting that can also serve as a nightlight for your kid’s room. It also comes with Pro-V Crystal gravel that absorbs fish waste, helping you in keeping the tank fresh.

It is a smaller tank, holding up to 1.13 gallons, so smaller fish with thrive better.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

5. KollerCraft API Panaview Aquarium Kit

If you want to start a small collection of fish with your kids, a 5-gallon tank will afford you space for different breeds, without taking up an entire room.

A great thing about this tank is that you and the kids can view your fish from all sides. There’s also a lot less maintenance involved, as it includes an internal power filter that cleans and purifies at a rate of 45 gallons per hour, meaning no discolorations, odors, metals, or toxic gases that can build up in a fish tank.

So, even though it’s a heavier fish tank, you won’t need to manually clean it. This can be a huge plus from a parent’s standpoint.

Seeing as there’s a lot of room, your kids can pick out from a much larger selection of fish, including Molies, Cherry Shrimp, Pygmy Corydoras, Harlequin, and Bettas (just so long as there’s no more than one betta in the tank at a time.)

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

6. Aqua Culture 3-Gallon 360 View Aquarium Kit

This sleek 3-gallon tank affords kids and parents a great 360 degree view of their fish with it’s round shape. It even includes LED lighting that features 7 different colors, and and a power filter that filters through 25 gallons per hour.

The internal light makes a great nightlight, and helps kids to be able to watch their fish with perfect clarity, day or night. You also don’t need to manually turn the light on and off, as it’s set to a timer that will automatically signal to your kids that it’s time for bed.

With a 3 gallon tank, you can start training your children in fish care with smaller fish like shrimp and snails, and grow into larger fish like guppies or a beta.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

7. Tetra ColorFusion Starter Aquarium Kit 3 Gallons

This fun Tetra aquarium features a half-moon shape that can afford kids full visibility of their pet fish, without sacrificing a lot of space. You can put it right against the wall so it can be a little more secured.

It’s also ideal for kids who love a splash of the rainbow, as it combines an air curtain with LED lighting, creating a rainbow bubble environment. It’s a really neat tank.

It is 3-gallons, so it can be little heavy when cleaning out the water.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

8. biOrb CLASSIC LED Aquarium

This biORb aquarium combines the classic fishbowl shape with modern amenities. Featuring acrylic material that is 10 times strong than glass and 50% lighter, it’s a great bowl for kids who insist on helping you carry their fish to the other room.

It’s also very low maintenance, with 5-stage filtration that makes sure that your kid’s fish are living in a perfectly clean atmosphere.

You can also put either freshwater or saltwater in this tank, meaning you can look at more variety of fish to collect.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

9. Artificial Mini Aquarium Fish Tank

If you’re unsure of whether or not your child is old enough or responsible enough to own real fish, this mini aquarium with fake fish is the perfect learning tool.

It comes with 3 fake fish that swim from the side of the tank to the other and LED lighting that runs on batteries, so you don’t have to plug anything in.

The great thing about this option is that there are no consequences if your child (or, let’s be honest, you) forget to feed the fake fish, and cleanings can be rare. Just add 2-4 drops of dishwashing detergent and you’re good for a while.

Besides being a learning tool, the tank also is a great nightlight for kids who have trouble sleeping without one. The background wallpaper even makes it looks larger than it is, so your child can experience an aquarium without all the space.

To find out more about this fish tank click here.

There are tons of options out there for kids and beginners. Just keep in mind your needs and the kind of fish that you want when selecting a fish. It’s best to know what kind of fish you are getting for your tank ahead of time to make sure you get the right size and to make sure you know if you’ll need a filter or not.

We wish you the best as you begin to take care of your fish with your children.


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