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Fish Tank Setups

Setting you up for success to create and maintain a thriving underwater world, one fish tank at a time!

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Betta Fish Care

Why Are Betta Fish Bowls Cruel?

Betta fish deserve more than a bowl filled with water; they deserve a proper fish tank. Imagine spending your entire life confined to a small…
Betta Fish Care

What Types of Fish Can Live with Bettas

Betta fish are absolutely gorgeous fish; their colors are vibrant and their fins are long and flowy. However, one of the big downsides of having…

Common Goldfish Care: Lifespan, Tank Mates, Diet, & Health

Quick Stats Family: Cyprinidae Scientific Name: Carassius auratus Care level: Beginner Temperament: Peaceful Diet: Omnivorous Water conditions: Freshwater, 18 - 22 degrees Celcius (65 -…
Betta Fish Care
Can Cold Water Kill A Betta Fish?
Betta Fish Care
Where Do Betta Fish Live in the Wild?
Why Do Goldfish Turn White? 4 Answers to Your Problem
Betta Fish Care
Do Betta Fish Need a Light to Live Happily?
Betta Fish Care
Can Betta Fish Eat Human Food?
Betta Fish Care
Will Betta Fish Eat Snails?