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Fish Tank Setups

Setting you up for success to create and maintain a thriving underwater world, one fish tank at a time!

An Assorted Pick

Betta Fish Care

Can a Male and Female Betta Fish Live Together?

If you have ever considered owning a Betta fish, you are probably aware that they are marketed as solitary fish. Bettas, also known as Siamese…
Betta Fish Care

Betta Tank Mates: What Fish Can Live with a Betta?

Bettas are amazing, interesting little fish that are incredibly intelligent and can be very rewarding pets. Unfortunately, partially due to this intelligence, Bettas can be…
Betta Fish Care

Why is my Betta Fish Swimming Sideways?

Coming home and finding the beloved betta fish swimming sideways, or even sometimes upside down, can be shocking and worrying. While not necessarily fatal, betta…
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Betta Fish Care
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Betta Fish Care
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Betta Fish Care
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