Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light Review

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With the growing popularity of using LED lights in planted aquariums, a lot of benefits are known to contribute to help the aquarists grow plants in the tanks.

The popularity of LED lights makes it more easily available in the market now compared to before as a lot of companies have started mass producing it and have invested on research materials to further advance their knowledge about the benefits of LED lights and incorporate it into the aquarium LED lights design. One of the companies is Current USA.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light Review

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium, 48...
  • SUPER BRIGHT- 6500k White LEDs and rich 445Nm Blue...
  • MULTIPLE MODES- With modes that dim periodically...
  • EASY INSTALLATION- Sliding docking legs allow...

If you are looking for a less complicated and easy to use and to install LED light for your water tank, check out Current USA’s Satellite Freshwater LED light.

The LED light is controlled by a 32-key remote control where all the activities and actions of the light can be regulated. You can choose from six different fresh water color presets, beautifully optimized, and can select the intensity of the light all through the remote control.

The Current USA Satellite LED light has one of the brightest white LEDs which can go up to 6500K, which is perfect in growing and reproducing plants in your tank. It also boasts a full spectrum of RGB LEDs that can offer different color combination to suit your mood.

The remote control allows you to create your own customized color combination LED lights for your tank that  can save up to four memory slots. Once saved, you can simply press it from the remote and enjoy the color light combination you have created. No need to do it everyday, less hassle and perfectly convenient.

Another feature that makes Current USA stand out is its 12 dynamic effects that are preset in the remote control. The 12 effects mimic the light effect of a cloudy day, a storm, lightning, sunrise, sunset, cloud cover, and dusk and a lot more. You can even have the option to pause it or change it to another preset lighting or customized light on demand.

The Current USA Satellite LED light comes in various sizes to suit different water tanks size. It has sizes for 18–24 inches, 24–36 inches, 36–48 inches, and 48–60 inches aquariums with all sizes differ in prices. The adjustable docking also helps to fit the LED light when mounting it to different sizes of aquarium, even with an irregular size.

Durability is also not an issue as the LED light housing is made of aluminum and water-resistant materials that are safe for all the marine species inside your water tank. The aluminum casing also prevents corrosion. Just like any other devices, it also has advantages as well as disadvantages.


  • No installation needed, just plug it and it is ready to go.
  • Easy to use, everything can be accessed through the remote control.
  • 6500k bright light option.
  • Can fit from 18 to 60-inch aquarium size.
  • It has 4 memory slots for customized LED lights.
  • Has 12 preset light feature that copy the environment outside.
  • Low voltage.
  • 12VDC and IP65 water-resistant and perfectly safe for aquariums and tank species.
  • Aluminum housing of the LED light for durability.
  • It has a tank arm mount to securely place the LED on the tank.


  • Price
  • No manual control (take care your remote!)

Unboxing & Setup



Tips in Making the Most Out of your Aquarium LED Lights

To make sure that you utilize the full potential of your water tank LED light, try to follow these simple tips:

  1. Explore light combinations. Most of the aquarium LED lights that are available in the market comes with a multiple color spectrum; don’t settle on one or two color combinations, and explore all the possible light combinations that will enhance the beauty of your tank.
  2. Learn what certain color combination can do for your tank species. Each LED colors and intensity can result to something good in the plant species in your tank. Explore them, and you might learn what type of combination can make your corals grow or reproduce faster or get rid of your algae problems.
  3. Don’t get your LED lights wet. Even though most LED lights is designed to be water resistant or water proof, if you can help it, avoid it from getting submerged in water. This can cause the circuit of your LED light to corrode and create short circuit resulting to a shorter life.
  4. Use your LED lights to enhance the color of your fish. Some fish can be beautifully enhanced by the right lighting. Know which color light combination can make your fish scales stand out so your water tank can become more than just a mere aquarium. This can also make your fish healthier and active. The color can also promote reproduction to fish as they can get attracted to the beauty of different colors.
  5. Use your LED lights to make your corals pop. If you happen to start a reef tank you don’t have to make another investment towards reef tank lights as these lights will do the job. They can enhance the color of corals. By doing this, you are helping your corals to stay healthy and easier for your fish to find a home. The beautiful corals can also give you serenity and peace by simply looking at it.
  6. Grow your plants for more oxygen. The use of LED lights is known to help plants to grow and multiply. A lot of healthy plants in a tank environment means a good amount of oxygen for other species in your tank.


Whether you’re a beginner who is just setting up your first tank, or a veteran who has been taking care of various plant species in your tank environment, Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light is right for you.

The simplicity of the design makes this LED light the perfect choice for people who want to expand their tank environment species as the lights promote growth and healthy vegetation.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium, 48...
  • SUPER BRIGHT- 6500k White LEDs and rich 445Nm Blue...
  • MULTIPLE MODES- With modes that dim periodically...
  • EASY INSTALLATION- Sliding docking legs allow...

Current USA’s year of expertise in product development for the marine aquarium industry has also contributed to the reason why their LED light is a must-have item as part of your basic tool for your tank.

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