Rare Guppy Breeds (These are Weird!)

Breeding guppies to create new and exotic forms of fish has been a popular hobby in the world of fishkeeping for a while now, and for good reason.

Seeing as guppies are a primary food source for a lot of larger fish, it’s to the advantage of guppies that they appear new and unfamiliar so that they don’t become dinner. It’s also advantageous to male guppies that look new and exciting, as female guppies prefer to mate with the weirder-looking males.

It’s also just a lot of fun as an aquarium keeper to create new forms of fish that, likely, no one else has created or seen. Fish enthusiasts first began breeding with a small South American fish that had only a touch of color in its fin, and today there are over 300 different varieties of guppies.

It’s said that from the four original strains, including blonde, golden, albino, and wild gray, guppy breeders have come up with some pretty strange (and very cool) looking fish.

So if you want to dive into the world of guppy collecting, check out the list of the top 11 weirdest and coolest looking guppies below.

1. Electric Blue Guppy

Electric blue guppies are some of the easier, rare guppies to find. They also are a little more affordable, being priced at around $15-20 each.

Native to Asia, Central America, and Brazil, these guppies are known for their striking shades of blue. They also have become popular due to their docile temperament and the fact that they mature quickly, making them easy to own and breed.

2. Metal Lace Guppy


Metal guppies feature a unique pigment that is called iridophores, which can allow them to change their color and hide from predators. Essentially, their cells reflect the guppies surrounding environment, allowing them to blend in. It also creates a beautiful iridescent effect.

Metal guppies are pretty easy to find and will add a bit of shine to any aquarium setup.

3. Bronze Guppy

Bronze guppies are categorized as being a minimum of 25% gold in color, but with the very cool addition of black scales, creating a bronze effect.

Bronze guppies are hard to come by, and have a vibrant color that will add a little bit of shine to any guppy collection.

4. Albino Guppies

An interesting fact about albino guppies is that much like other animals with albinism, their eyes are often red. They will also often have a subtle pink hue that stands out around their face.

They can sometimes be slightly colored, but are predominantly pale. Some albino guppies are also glass belly guppies, meaning that they have a genetic mutation that prevents them from producing guanine. This causes their scales not to shimmer under light, so they are more opaque.

5. Cobra Guppy

Cobra guppies are guppies that feature a spotted pattern across their bodies, that look a lot like the skin of a cobra snake.

This pattern can range from vertical patterns to rosettes, which can help in making each cobra guppy as unique as a snowflake. They also can vary greatly in color, featuring an orange, blue, green, or red color underneath the pattern.

6. Half-Black Green Guppy

Half-Black guppies are often referred to as HB’s and are fish that have what is called the Tuxedo trait, meaning they look as if they are wearing a fancy outfit and headed to a party.

Half-Blacks with the green color are an extremely rare form of this type of fish, with 3/4ths of their body being black while the rest is colored.

To check out some videos of this rare breed of guppy, be sure to click on the video below.

7. Grass Tail Guppy

Much like the cobra guppy or the leopard tail guppy, the grass tail guppy has a fine pattern and in some cases finer than those named after animals.

They are named as such because they have tiny dots on their tales that are said to resemble grass seeds. They don’t always have to be green, though, as grass tail guppies come in a stunning array of colors.

These particular guppies are hard to track down, but if you can find them, they are the perfect addition to your collection. Breed them with other mosaic-style guppies to create even more complex patterns.

8. Dragon Mosaic Guppy

The dragon mosaic guppies are said to be some of the most colorful, and interesting guppies in the fish world.

Various shades of red, orange, blue, yellow, and even violet are said to pop up on dragon mosaic tails, even on females who normally tend to be less vibrant than their male counterparts.

To see examples of the dragon mosaic guppy, be sure to click on the video below:


9. Dumbo Ear Guppy

Dumbo guppies are named after the beloved Disney elephant whose ears were deemed too big. This is because they look as if they are swimming with their ears.

In the guppy world, large fins (or ears) are a feature highly sought after, as these types of guppies are larger than average. Their extra fins, and often a larger tail, also allow these guppies to swim faster.

10. Real Red Eye Guppy

While Albinos are known for carrying the gene that causes them to have red eyes, there are also non-albino guppies that carry that gene as well.

A Real Red Eye (RRE) is a fish that has full color throughout its body but also features a vivid red eye. This breed of fish is very uncommon, and it’s hard to track them down. They also feature shorter tails and are generally just smaller than other guppy breeds.

If you are into breeding, this is a guppy you want to have.

Rare Guppy Breeds

11. Purple Moscow Guppy

The Purple Moscow guppy is the most expensive guppy on this list, as they can cost anywhere from $50-$100 for a single fish for a rare strain of the Purple Moscow guppy.

It’s said that only experienced aquarists should own this type of guppy, as only so many of them exist and they are hard to recreate. But they are well worth the money and the perfect aquarium setup needed to host them, as you’ll be the envy of all of your fish-loving friends.

If you can’t get enough of the weird world of guppies, be sure to watch the video below:


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